If I Had A Week…

Published November 21, 2011 by lailafadel

Hiba Fadel                                                                                                       November 21, 2011

If I Had A Week…

         If you had a week with a celebrity, what would you do? Would you go to the store, the beach? Well I know what I would do. I will also tell you who the celebrity is. Now I will start with my imagination.

        If I had a week with a celebrity I would pick Justin Bieber. I would choose him because he is funny, nice, and humble. On Monday I would get to know Justin better. We would just chill until the next day. On Tuesday, we would go to Six Flags. I would get on all the roller coasters and hold his hand on every ride. I would be very scared but I think I would be safe as long as I’m with Justin Bieber. On Wednesday, I would go to dinner with him. We have steak and mashed potatoes. We will have our own reserved restaurant. On Thursday, I will go to the beach. We will reserve our own area of the beach. We will have our own chairs and everything. On Friday, we will take the time to relax after a week of fun. We will talk about how much fun we had.On Saturday, we will talk and I will get his autograph and I will also take a picture with him and forever remember him.

    I would have the best of time. I will forever remember the bash that we had. I will say my goodbyes and hope to see him again. I will be sad but I would know that I had an AWESOME time. So I will forever be a fan.


My Role Model In Life

Published November 21, 2011 by lailafadel

Hiba Fadel                                                                                                  November 21, 2011

My Role Model In Life

Do you have a role model in life? Well I have a role model in life and I will tell you who it is. I’m pretty sure who this legendary woman is. She has made history in the music industry. Now I will tell you who she is and why she is my role model.

        The name of my role model is Beyonce Knowles. She is so legendary to me. She is my role model because I love to sing just like Beyonce. She has made songs before I was even born. I love her singing and she displays many good things on me.

     Beyonce makes many good songs that have many good meanings to them. She makes me proud of what I do. She gives not only me but her fans a good meaning to keep on doing what they do. She let’s me do what I do and encourages me to keep singing when people don’t encourage me all of the time. That’s why she will always be my role model.


Did You Hear The Rumor ?

Published November 15, 2011 by lailafadel

Did you hear the buzz on Justin Bieber ? Well I did and I’m very shocked. Are you ready to hear this. A woman claimed that Justin Bieber is the father of her baby !!! Can you believe that. Now I will give you the details.

A 20 year old woman named Mariah Yeater claimed that Justin Bieber fathered her 3 month old baby Tristyn. Justin Bieber himself claimed that these are false allegations. I myself that this a lie. Even if this is true, Yeater will be charged for statutory rape. Yeater can also be doing this for publicity.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are still held strongly together. They are still together. Justin is scheduled for a paternity test. I still believe that this is a lie. But I will still be a Justin Bieber fan until the end.

My Future Achievment

Published November 8, 2011 by lailafadel

Hiba Fadel                                                                                                November 8, 2011


My Future Achievement

 Have you ever wanted to achieve something so much that you can’t take it anymore? Well have and I will tell you why and what. In my life I want to achieve my goal of becoming a remarkable singer. I wish to achieve this goal because I want to show the world how much a passion I have for singing. Now I will tell you why this is my future achievement. 


            I wanted to become a singer for a very long time. I get plenty of encouragement from friends and family. They push towards doing better and bigger. I started singing when I was only 4 years old. That’s the age I could possibly recite songs. Friends at school help towards chasing my dream. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do best.


            Everyday I come home from school; I go straight to my room and sing. My mom doesn’t say anything because she is used to the singing everyday. As soon as possible I wish to sing for a producer and get myself discovered. I always hope that one day I can achieve this goal. It makes me happy that I can get honest and good critiques from my friends and family. That’s why I do what I do best. I will continue doing this until the day I die.

My Life Mistake

Published November 1, 2011 by lailafadel

Did you ever mistake in life and something from it? Well I did and I will share it with you. It all started when I was in the 4th grade. I will never overlook that day. I learned that I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I also learned to never do it once more.

When I was in the 4th grade I strolled in the bathroom while a group of girls were bullying another girl. I thought they were being welcoming, but they weren’t. They made a girl who did not speak English use a bathroom with no doors. She did not say anything because she had not known what to say if she only spoke one language. I felt very bad for her but the terrible situation got even worse.

When the teacher paced in the bathroom, she supposed that everyone in the bathroom was harassing the student. She also said that every student in the bathroom was going to be sent to the principal’s office and immediately suspended. I got afraid, nauseous, sick, and anxious. I wanted to say something like “I didn’t do anything. I just wanted to use the bathroom.” But at the same time I did not want to argue with a grown woman or I would get in even more trouble. I learned my lesson by watching who is with me and who my surroundings are. I learned my lesson and I will remember to never do it again. The most important thing that I found out was that I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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